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Employee Portal

Only supervisors and designated staff will have access to the Employee Portal through the login info provided to them by Gyptec Management.  Do not share your login info with any other employee or even supervisor as it is your responsibility for anything submitted through your login.

New Hires Employee Forms

*For Employment forms (taxes, insurance benefits, etc) – these forms can be printed by the supervisor for any new employees to complete in hard copy.  Hard copies can then either be scanned and emailed or copied and mailed to Gyptec’s Medicine Hat office for processing.  These forms must include original employee signatures in all applicable locations.

To access your Empire benefits form click here

To access your Empire benefits via online claims click here

Federal TD1

Download, complete and submit for employees province of residence one of the following TD1 provincial forms

TD1 Alberta

TD1 Saskatchewan

TD1 British Columbia

Safety Documents

Click on the document you need and open the document using Adobe whether on Ipad or Computer

Complete all blanks on the fillable PDF
Anything required but not applicable to your situation, indicate as N/A in the required field(s).


Instructions for completing safety forms based on electronic device being used:


Select to Open the document in Adobe.

Go into mark up mode by clicking on the text bubble with the small pencil at the bottom of the document, click on the pencil (2nd from the right), click where you wish to begin and have the employee  sign using their finger or ideally their supervisors stylus.

Once all signatures on the doc, save the document and select Done.

Select the square with the arrow pointing up on the bottom right, from here, save the document into the document cloud or Open/Copy to where you save your docs on your Ipad and save as below.

Desktop Computer or Laptop

Employee – If applicable, digitally sign in employee signature. Your supervisor will help you create a digital signature – remember your password as it is yours alone.

If employee does not have or does not create a digital signature on your computer, print the form once all but the signatures still required are completed, have any remaining signatures signed with pen where applicable.

Scan and upload the now completely signed document back into your computer and save and submit as outlined below.

Supervisor – Digitally sign the document using your Adobe digital signature and password. You may only sign after you have reviewed the document in full with any employee(s) it pertains to. If applicable, the supervisor can not sign until all applicable employee signatures are signed on the document.

**Sign only after you have reviewed the document in full and acknowledge you accept what it states.

Save the form as the type of doc, date and job it pertains to.

Share the File as a Flattened Copy (if in Adobe on your Ipad) or as a PDF if on computer

Email the form to Brenda at brenda@gyptecdrywall.com