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At Gyptec, we work specifically with Steel-Framing aka Metal Framing (Division 5.05400 Cold Formed Metal Framing and Division 9.09100 Metal Support Assemblies of the CSI Master Format – https://www.csiresources.org/practice/standards/masterformat). The standards in this industry are clear but what we can do within this industry is extensive. Steel-framing uses include:

• Cold Formed Metal Framing (Load Bearing Metal Studs, Cold Formed metal joists, slotted channel framing, metal support              • Metal Support Assemblies (Non-Load bearing wall framing, ceiling suspension, metal frame restoration)
• Miscellaneous functional and/or design applications (bulkheads, alcoves, door and window framing systems, parapets and much more)


For examples of the types and applications of Steel-Framing, please feel free to visit one of our valued suppliers, Shoemaker Drywall Supplies at http://www.shoemakerdrywall.com/node/15

For even further info on options and the manufacturing of steel-framing supplies, please visit http://www.steelform.ca/