Renovations & Residential Services

Gyp-Tec works closely with each homeowner, from first contact to project completion to ensure satisfaction.

Gyp-Tec Drywall can make your home renovation dreams, a reality.

Gyp-Tec is here for you.

We believe in staying true to our roots and our community.

As a result, we have dedicated services for homeowners in Medicine Hat and the surrounding area.  From projects as simple as a patch, to finishing a basement, or even as large as a full-on home renovation.

We provide the same commitment of quality and professionalism that we provide to our commercial clients. To us, a job’s size does not affect our commitment to bring the project to completion on budget and on time. Our goal has always been achieving complete client satisfaction.

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Gyp-Tec provides more than just commercial drywall services. We do residential too.


With steel-framing, there are so many options for what you can do to up the interest and design of your home. Bulk heads, build-outs, niches, decorative ceilings and walls, curves, stages or tiers and so much more


Drywall is a huge part of our business and has a wide range in what it includes. From patching to boarding basements to full on renovations and so much more than you can imagine. Come to us with your ideas or a blank slate and we will work with you to bring your project to your ideal vision.


Ceilings often go unnoticed, but your ceiling can be a very special aspect of the design and flow of your home. T-bar (acoustical), drywall, decorative, curves, arches, vaults – the sky is the limit and we are here to help you find what is best for your home.


Taping is under appreciated for how critical an aspect of any drywall work it is. Any problems with taping will show forever or can cause problems down the road. Taping is the last step before final painting and must be as smooth as possible to be sure that your project looks it’s absolute best for years to come. 


Insulation is an often-overlooked element of a home. Insulation is not just to help regulate the temperature in your home.  With the right products, insulation can be used to help dampen noise, sound-proof, lessen fire damage, and even waterproof.

Specialty Services & Products

There are many specialty services and products in our industry that can help take your project to the next level and really set it apart.  We are more than happy to work with you on finding something that will work well and really make your home the envy of your friends and neighbours.